Timber Information

European Redwood

European Redwood (Softwood) Used in all our softwood gates

Also known as Scots Pine, Pinus Sylvestris or Scandinavian Redwood, is a very popular softwood specie known for its good quality. The timber is imported from privately owned forests with FSC or PEFC Certification in Scandinavian and Russia.

Iroko (Hardwood) Used in all our hardwood side/entrance gates

Hardwood found in Western Africa, it has a yellow-brown to brown colouring, deepening to dark brown with light exposure.



Meranti (Hardwood) Used in all our hardwood field gates

Dark Red Meranti is a tropical hardwood which comes from Malaysia

Why Choose Aylesbury Gates – Sharp fencing Ltd ?

Sharp Fencing Gates are not your average gate, from start to finish we maintain a high level of craftsmanship.


Our timber is sourced from some of the finest timber yards in the UK, Hardwood and softwood. The softwood gates are made from unsorted joinery grade timber, you may ask what is unsorted joinery grade timber ?  

This is the best quality joinery timber, where the lower grades have been removed (sorted). Unsorted Joinery is mainly used where the visible finish is of paramount importance so the timber has the lesser knots also smaller knots and the cleanest finish.

So why does this make the gate a higher level of finish ?

If the knot within the timber is larger and goes across the complete face or edge of a piece of timber, then it interferes with the grain, potentially reducing the strength and structure of the timber and gate. This is why we use unsorted for our gates as it has more strength, especially where joints are involved compared to the lower grade timbers. 

Treatment of timber

Sharp Fencing have all our Softwood gates/Timber Pressure treated and tanalised as standard. 

What is pressure treated tanalised timber ?

Pressure treated timber is produced by forcing a chemical preservative into the wood. The timber is placed into a pressure treatment tank where the treatment is applied with pressure. This penetrates deep into the timber, which makes the timber more durable, and able to withstand damage and exposure to the elements and moisture. The treatment extends the lifespan of the wood, making it more cost effective in the long run over untreated timber.

Fixings and glues 

Ironmongery shop at Sharpfencing

Our fixings to fix the mortise and tenons are star dowels/metal dowels – They are hammered into the timber on the tenon joints and offer a more secure and efficient solution than wooden dowels. The arrow feature means that star dowels can be hammered straight into wood without requiring pre drilled holes.

Sharp Fencing do things to the highest level, we also glue all our tenons with a premium exterior waterproof wood glue.

Softwood Arch top t/g gate

What is a mortise and tenon ?

A mortise and tenon is a woodworking joint that connects two pieces of timber together. The mortise is a hole within your timber that will be the female part to the joint, the tenon is the male part as shown in the picture above. The tenon will be placed into the mortise with a snug fit and no movement therefore connecting the two pieces of timber together. The joint will then be clamped and then fixed however the joiner wishes.

Sharp Fencing glue the tenon and clamp as well as star dowel our gates. 

Fixing of gate boarding

Feather edge boarding ( closeboard ). These types of gates will have the boarding nailed onto the frame we have produced. The frame of a closeboard gate will have a rebate for the boards to sit within the gate and on the ledges. 

Tongue and groove, these types of gates will have the boarding brad pin fixed to the frame. The frame will have a slot rabbet groove for the board to sit within the frame and on the ledges. 

 What is a ledge?

The ledge on a gate is the horizontal timbers holding it together.

What is a rebate?

A rebate is a recess cut into the edge of a piece of timber to create a shelf. 

What is a slot rabbit?

A rabbet is a slot within a piece of timber to allow room for the tongue and groove boarding.

Hardwood Arch top OSPG gates


At Sharp Fencing we will check over the finished product for quality control. Anything not up to our standard will be rejected, this is rare due to our methods of practise.

Thank you for your time from all of us at Sharp Fencing Ltd